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At its essence, a built space should cultivate a better path forward for all who enter it. It should simplify. It should inspire. But getting there is no easy task. It takes tireless resolve, unique design, and fearless intent. 


With Baba Architects, you will find a partner focused on achieving impactful design solutions born from a design process that is centered around you–it is your space after all. Whether it be your home, office, cultural space or other built environment, the product that is built is crafted with a keen understanding of you and your needs. We believe that a truly successful project requires a high degree of communication between the client and the architect. So we are deeply dedicated to finding solutions that fit your unique needs.


Baba Architects is a boutique architecture and design practice that brings fresh perspectives and insights to the design process. We offer the following services, and much more:

  • Residential New Construction

  • Custom Home Design

  • Renovations

  • Adaptive Reuse

  • Aging-In-Place

  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

  • Multifamily

  • Mixed Use

  • Interior Archtiecture

  • Cultural, Civic and Community Spaces

  • Renderings, Animation, and Architectural Visualization


Albert Wang, AIA

Principal & Founder

Design has always been my passion. From my childhood dream of being a photographer, to my early work as page designer at Detroit Free Press, to creating videos and media for the special needs high school where I worked in Boston, to marketing materials I created in real estate sales–good design was something I carried with me in some form. My work in architecture is in many ways, the culmination of this. Architecture is a process that allows me to discover opportunities, communicate resolution, and actualize aspiration.   


During my 10 years at WJW Architects as a Project Architect, I worked on several building types, including affordable family housing, LIHTC housing, market rate multifamily housing, independent and assisted senior living, skilled nursing, memory care housing, supportive-care, community buildings and mixed-use buildings.  I sought unconventional solutions and atypical approaches to discover a design perspective that focused on the unseeable harmonies between the people and building itself.  I found that as the architect, I could cultivate and enrich the vitally of community and wellbeing by focusing on the people and those unseeable connections.


It is my goal, to bring this insight to Baba Architects, whether it be in the form of better, more intuitive living in a single family residence, or more engaging buildings that elevate the communities they belong to.



  • BA Sociology - Boston College 

  • M.Arch Architecture - New School of Architecture & Design San Diego 

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